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lockout looms over regular season games
The news on NHL and NHLPA meetings is, there really is no news. The weekend talks between the two weren’t expected to yield much, and they didn’t disappoint. And while they’re scheduled to talk again Tuesday, according to several outlets, it’s doubtful those chats will make much of a dent, either. It’s the broken record that won’t stop playing: lockout mode is in full effect, and there doesn’t seem an end in the immediate future. And with just 11 days until the regular season is scheduled to open, it’s likely that some of those games will be nixed soon. “Just from being around it, no one expected the season to start on time,” Patrick Kane said after Monday’s practice, which featured most of the regular faces, minus Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp and Steve Montador. “It’s just another thing you have to deal with. We knew it would come to this.” So the workouts continue, as do the talks that don’t include the important issues. That Oct. 11 start date is bound to be altered soon. “It’d be a shame to lose any games at all, particularly as it gets closer and closer as we get into October,” Jamal Mayers said. “Obviously I’ve been through this before and it’s disappointing. Hopefully we can get some common ground. Once we get traction we can get something done. It depends on if both sides are committed to getting a deal done.” from:
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